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  1. KAS Live POP UP #7 5-22-13 12:00 GMT+0

  2. Raph's $19.99 "Ultimate Way to Enjoy Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies"!

  3. Raph and Tcsnider's $19.99 "Ultimate Way to Enjoy Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies"!

    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael Majere View Post
    (This Article is made possible only with the help of BP Tcsnider. His dominance at per-launched Dark Prophecies tournaments and knowledge allowed us to create and tweak decks that are great for Quick Match at the Challenge area, i.e. Player vs Player.)

    This Guide is for new players who just started Shadow Era and is willing to spend around $19.99 to buy crystals. I highly recommend it!

    $19.99 really goes a very, very long way. Tcsnider and I managed to build a deck
  4. How to use the new Calendar feature for your event

    Quote Originally Posted by Orange Hat Guy View Post
    Everybody wants to play in a Shadow Era tournament, but not everybody wants to go through the forums to find them. I have heard the lamentations of the masses:

    Why doesn't Wulven introduce a new feature that allows players to see all upcoming tournaments and other events in one easy-to-use Calendar feature? When will Orange Hat Guy come and save us with his grace and wisdom? Why does this quote seem fabricated?
    The Calendar is here to end the weeping and gnashing
  5. Dancing Darkclaw - mixed allies and weapons deck. Very fast and deadly!

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowstalker View Post
    I repost my article which originally appeared as a reply in this thread:

    First of all, it's not my own deck idea, I've seen it watching a QM and I really liked it and wanted to try it myself. I'm impressed, how well this works. Credits go to the original author of the idea.


    I call it "Dancing Darkclaw", because Darkclaw equipped with Speedstrike and Jeweler's dream really seems to dance in a furious fast dance and together with
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