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  1. Interview With Kyle!

    Hello Everyone! Today I have an interesting entry for all to see; an interview with the one, the only, Kyle! Enjoy!

    Re: Blog question
    1. How did you come up with the idea for Shadow Era?

    I have always been interested in TGCs since the first edition of Magic: The Gathering. Although there was never anybody to play with in my small town, I still had a huge collection of cards and enjoyed looking at the card art and creating decks. Actually, I don't think I ever ...
  2. Flavor text competition?

    I don't know if it's just me, but something seems to be lacking in the flavor texts on all the cards. Personally, I think that people could respond to the COTD thread with really cool flavor ideas, and then Kyle could pick the best one to actually go on the card in the game. Comment with your thoughts!
  3. Card of the day - Bloodlust

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post

    Bloodlust marks the first card where the art is potentially controversial. I don't see it myself. I prefer Shadow Era to be a game targetd towards young adults ages 16 on upwards, and let the younger people seek their gaming thrills elsewhere.

    Or maybe I'm just a creep. Heh.

    I suppose I'm drawing attention to this now, rather than being passively quiet it about it.

    What do you ...
  4. News Scoop! August 1st we start- deadline on applications approaching

    Hey folks,

    Check out this post over at Touch Arcade!


    Kyle discloses the start date! We also see the scope of the closed beta (fairly large, so no one currently applied need be worried).

    August 1st is not far off!
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  5. Introduction

    Hello there, here's my introduction. I'm looking forward to Shadow Era as ever since I got my first iPod touch and especially after getting my iPad, I've been looking for a TCG game. I'm especially excited about the prospect of having one game that I can access via my laptop, iPad or via the web somewhere remotely and still have the same game!

    I'm an IT manager for a large DOD contractor and am active in the astronomy and martial arts community as well. While I don't compete in ...
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