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  1. Drafting

    One of the features I would like to see in Shadow Era went it's ready is Drafting.

    For Beta I completely understand the need to get the game engine down, and I'm excited to play constructed decks. But one of the coolest things about TCGs is the ability for a "limited" format and drafting.

    With TCGs there is a rarity system in place, so when you buy a pack there will be 1 hero, 10 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare or epic.

    After a while, when ...
  2. Engulfing Flames

    My first blog will be about Engulfing flames. I'd really like to valuate the card but without having played the game that is a little difficult out of context, so I'll break down what we do know about the card and the game so far.

    Cost: 4
    "Target is set on fire and loses 1 health per turn"

    From experience with other card games, the cost of 4 at first seems a little high. But breaking ...
  3. Countdown to the beginning of a new Era!

    Good morning faithful readers (and possible detractors),

    I decided after yesterday's 'stuff' that I would start afresh with a positive post.

    Today is the 31st! By all accounts the Closed Beta begins tomorrow. Details have not come from Kyle yet, but hopefully they'll come later today.

    I'm surprised how excited I am to see and play the game. This is like the day before your birthday, especially when you suspect that someone is going to throw you a surprise ...
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  4. Game Design and the Lowest Common Denominator

    I'm probably going to regret this, because there's an old adage that says "never post after midnight". That saying exists because of the propensity to say something unpleasant that you'll regret in the morning.

    On the other hand, I said I would chronicle my Shadow Era Beta experience. I just didn't expect to feel so irritated so early, and before the Beta actually began.

    And I know full well that I am over-reacting. It's just that I've come away from a debate ...
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  5. Notthevictim's Introduction

    Hello everyone, I am Notthevictim. I first heard about Shadow Era on the Touch Arcade forums and have since been in love! To be honest, I'm actually very new to Trading Card Games. I have never played the WOW TCG or even Magic: The Gathering, or anything for that matter. I hope that I still will be useful in the upcoming beta. I will be able to convey the experience from someone not as familiar with this type of game. I plan on documenting my time with the game in the forums every day, so I ...

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