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  1. Hello and Welcome

    Just setting up a blog so i can have a place to discuss matches i play and decks that i use.

    In the mean time... congrats to frostmiri (sp?) for 2 fun games... as soon as i played rain delay, i knew i had made a mistake. Would of won if i hadn't done that

    But you played well... thanks for the games
  2. Wulven are dumb

    Got a lot of time on your hands? It's hard to lose if you're playing this deck correctly, but it might take you a while to win.

    Core of the deck: (25)
    4x Lone Wolf
    4x What Big Teeth
    4x Captured Prey
    4x Speedstrike
    4x Rabid Bite
    4x Regeneration

    Stuff you can tweak: (5)
    1x Plasma Behemoth
    3x Fire Snake
    1x Rain Delay

    Notably absent:
    Bazaar, Bad Santa. You don't need them. ...

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  3. Ma deck 8) [Gravebone]

    Sup. Got a rating with 386 with this so far. Beats most of the stuff. Frostmire decks are 50/50. Should also easily beat Wulven with all the direct damage.



    4x Plasma Behemoth
    4x Belladonna
    3x Infernal Gargoyle
    2x Bad Wolf
    2x Fire Snake
    2x Brutalis (<- = )


    4x Fireball
    4x Here Be Monsters
    3x Portal
    3x Lightning Strike
  4. Deck Size, Card Nerfing and Cheaters, Oh My!

    Prevailing wisdom is that to be a top player you have to run a 30 card deck. Any more than that and you're diluting the deck and creating unnecessary inconsistencies.

    Prevailing wisdom is that certain cards (Eladwen Frostmire, then Portal, then Sandra) are overpowered and need to be nerfed immediately.

    Prevailing wisdom is that if you're a high rated player and you are facing a deck you don't like or get a crappy draw quitting the game is a perfectly acceptable means of ...
  5. Here's an Elemental deck you guys might like!

    Hey guys. I bring to you a deck I've had considerable success with. I got this list from a fellow by the name of Happy Noodle Boy on the SA Forums.

    It's a bit on the expensive side (with the Bloodlusts/Bad Santas) but it's an effective deck. I made Rating 343 thanks to it.

    Hero: Zaladar
    4 Spark
    4 Fire snake
    4 Shard of Power
    4 Bloodlust
    4 Bazar
    4 Bad Santa
    3 Energy Discharge
    2 Eternal Renewal

    This ...

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