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  1. Why should cheaters FAIL when they can WIN!

    GAME Version: 1.612

    --- What is your problem MAN?! ---

    Ok, so here’s a typical scenario:

    You are playing against an opponent and you are merely 1 turn away from victory. So you sit there impatiently for your opponent to finish their turn.

    Waiting…waiting…waiting…DEFEATED! You gain 100XP and your rating is lowered.

    Wait a minute! You were 1 turn away from victory!! What happened??

    Well here’s what we know thus ...

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  2. Shadow elemental deck

    I have a shadow elemental deck, how can i strengthen it?
  3. Wanna know who's cheating??

    Wanna know who's cheating? I will periodically be adding player names to this list.

    Here is the first idiots...

  4. Shadow Era cheats

    It is obvious that the creators and technical support for Shadow Era could care less about ending the cheating in this game. There is unjustified losses from 'account logged into elsewhere and defeats issued for no good reason while winning. These are cheaters taking advantage of the too overly relaxed and careless creators of this game. So, in defiance, I will research all possible cheats for this game and supply them to everyone in order to level the playing field. Not my first choice, as I have ...
  5. Thoughts and Input

    For starters, I feel it is necessary to state that this is my fist TCG and it has a real good hook to keep a person interested... I've been playing for about 2.5 weeks now and would like some input on my current deck that I am using as I don't necessarily feel it is good enough to get a higher rating. I made three decks but the main one I use is the Eladwen Frostmire deck... Deck is as follows:

    Eladwen Frostmire

    3x Kristoffer Wyld
    3x Puwen Bloodhelm
    3x ...
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