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  1. "The Deity Project"- Work in progress

    For weeks I've been thinking of a strange/random idea for Shadow Era and this idea of deities came to mind. This is something just to put out there.
    I would be happy if it gets implemented if not, thats ok, just wanted to put this out there.

    Background- As the heroes waged their ongoing battle, the gods saw through the hearts of the heroes. Emptiness they saw. The battles waged would gain nothing for heroes.
    With that the gods descended upon them, willing to give them ...
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  2. Not my best day

    Not my best day indeed. Well I thought I'd get back into playing competitively and well, I could whine, I could bitch, but no, I will calmly accept my defeats and some very capable and skilled opponents. Sadly, I did not reserve the tenacity to defeat them nor did I think to write down their names to congratulate them. All of the duels were indeed exciting and had me pulling off all of my tricks. Though this gives me an opportunity to tinker with my decks and to see what needs to be altered. Just ...
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  3. First Duel

    The first duel I played was indeed the first one I actually won! Talk about beginners luck! -giggles- I was pleasantly surprised! The player's name was "Ricsaricsa" and they really gave me a run for my money. My heart was pounding so much! Now on to watch people's games! No of course i'm not a creeper lol.....what gave you that idea? <.< >.>
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  4. Video log of duels

    I'm thinking of taping people's duels and adding commentary to them lately. I think it would be a good idea just need people to sign up for it and get the okay from people who would actually WANT their duels recorded. Anyway, it's just an idea hopefully it will turn to reality.
  5. A question from a friend

    So the other day I was asked by a friend on why I trolled.
    I couldn't give an answer then, but now I can.
    It's not about the friends, or the trolling,
    It's not about how mad I can make you,
    I just like to think, and be true to who I am

    But you have no friends, he said.
    In return I asked, how many friends do you have
    When you're just kissing some ass,
    Then when the problems come,
    How many are around to help?