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  1. "Wet Blade" in action!

  2. My Zhanna Mist Deck - "Wet Blade"

    Slowly but surely I'm tweaking my deck and tonight I found a flaw that I fixed. Nothing big but since my allies are mainly there for two reasons; drawing attention from Zhanna and being cannonfodder for the Mournblade via Tidal Wave, I swapped Puwen Bloodhelm for Blake Windrunner. Same price but nastier bite.

    Zhanna Mist - "Wet Blade"
    3 Jasmine Rosecult (Draws attention from Zhanna and
    4 Blake Windrunner (Cheap ally and also cannonfodder to the Tidal Wave) ...
  3. That feeling when...

    I guess you've all felt it, that feeling when you are so close to winning that the adrenaline starts pumping and then the odds are suddenly against you. What happened?! I thought for sure I would win this game and then the opposing player drops THAT card!

    I'm currently tweaking my Zhanna Mist-deck and the best way to do it if of course to check out the forum, go through the deck time and time again and play over and over and over again. Is there something missing? Does the deck always ...

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  4. Champions of Shadow Era - Sweden

    So it seems I am the first Champion in Sweden and therefore the first to represent the game and spread its gospel around the nordic country. Well atleast the southern parts where I live, for a start. I'm really looking forward to get out there demoing the game we love and see how new player take on the physical cards. I guess there will be many MtG players, both new and old, but I'm sure most of them will see the potential of Shadow Era and wanna give it a try.

    Now I'm waiting for ...

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  5. Zhanna Mist VS Zaladar - So much awesome!

    Some games are fun, some games are great and then there are those that are so full of awesomeness! Like this last game between me and Trippa666au. I'm trying out a new version of my Zhanna Mist deck using Tidal Waves to boost my blade and keeping her alive with shadow power and Healing Touch. It was a really fun game and I'm looking forward to meeting Tripp666au again.

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