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  1. Sponsorship of Player Run Events (v3.60 onwards)

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Lewis View Post
    Requesting standard prizes for an 8
    Player tournament:

    Summer Tourney 1
    Deck Lock
    Banned Cards in effect


    Standard prizes


    1st match random start

    2nd match the player who went second will create with CREATOR
  2. My Stratagy for helping the Shadow Era Franchise

    One important event I'll be attending this year is Georgia Zombie Fest, it will be located in Downtown Woodstock this October and while at the event I will be promoting Shadow Era, recording video and taking pics.

    I also think that the Shadow Era Franchise should produce and sell Shadow Era Themed Tarot Decks. Most (if not all) Tarot users use Physical Tarot Decks and once they study the Shadow Era Card Game product and the Franchise as a whole it will cause more Physical Card Sells

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  3. Card discussions 1: call of the pack

    Call of the Pack
    Hello, and welcome to my first blog entry
    Today we will be discussing Call of the pack, an underused wulven card from dark prophecies.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Affected cards:
    The ability can be used to summon: Pack Wolf, Bloodpack Shaman, Bad Wolf, Wulven Predator, Wulven Scout, and Dread Wolf

    Call of the Pack (cotp) is a useful tool for any wulven deck that's attempting to set up, ...
  4. My Zhanna Mist Deck - "Wet Blade"

    Slowly but surely I'm tweaking my deck and tonight I found a flaw that I fixed. Nothing big but since my allies are mainly there for two reasons; drawing attention from Zhanna and being cannonfodder for the Mournblade via Tidal Wave, I swapped Puwen Bloodhelm for Blake Windrunner. Same price but nastier bite.

    Zhanna Mist - "Wet Blade"
    3 Jasmine Rosecult (Draws attention from Zhanna and
    4 Blake Windrunner (Cheap ally and also cannonfodder to the Tidal Wave) ...
  5. The Archmage deck "reworked"

    Quote Originally Posted by Foxita View Post
    Hi all guys! I posted time ago a solo Nishaven deck. I really like this play-style so want know what do you think about,

    and eventually how it can be empowered :P! Got around 250 rating with this, but sometimes i fail badly...


    Nishaven x1

    Fireball x4

    Poison Gas x2

    Lightning Strike x4

    Engulfing Flames x2

    Tome of Knowledge x4

    Supernova x2
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