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  1. Trying to get back into Shadow Era

    Hello, guys! Hey, Kyle! I've been a suporter and a fan of Shadow Era from day one. I think I may have spent a good 30 dollars in Crystals in the excitement of those first two weeks. I've also reviewed SE on my site and on twitter (where I have 25+ thousand followers). Shadow Era is by far the best TCG in the AppStore, period.

    I've even shared some of the decks I've made here, and got some great feedback from you guys. It was awesome; my current lifestyle makes playing Magic the Gathering ...
  2. DarkClaw Defeated...

    Today I defeated an ally-less Darkclaw for the very first time. I had just modified Wyborn's deck to include 3 Sandworms instead of 2 Erika's and a Raven. I built my army, bided my time, and towards the end I struck.

    Some observations:
    - This Darkclaw used a variety of weapons, among which JD. He only played one What Big Theeth. I think the Teeth are vastly superior, as they don't wear out, and the only answer *I* have in my deck are the Smashing Blows. Therefore I'm contemplating ...

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  3. When Christmas time rolls around

    Hello. It's been a while.

    I thought i'd write this up, forgive my rustiness.

    As I've said, it's been a while. Nothing to do with Shadow Era.

    When christmastime rolls around

    When christmastime rolls around,
    I'm reminded of those I love,
    Peace if but for a little while,
    Lie back, relax,

    Let us skate on by,
    Enjoy life's little pleasures,
    Some hot chocolate by the fire,
    A sleigh ride
  4. Rating 200!

    With Wyborn's Boris deck, it has been smooth sailing sofar, and I hit 200 yesterday. Especially the control cards (Crippling Blow, Retreat) make a world of difference. I've used Retreat on the enemy's allies for board control, as well as - once - on my own to get rid of a Captured Prey. Also I'm starting to be able to show some restraint: keeping certain cards at certain times in hand for various reasons. Still a lot to learn, and results may be biased on small sample size (not much time to play ...
  5. Merrily we plod along... Catching a playing weakness!?

    Have been reading some good strategy articles, mainly by DnD and He-Man. Understanding of the game is slowly growing, but the results are about the same, with my rating hovering around 180. I didn't see any DarkClaws for a while, and when I did, I hadn't taken any specific anti-DC arrangements. I do carry King's Pride now, I sacced all my Blood Frenzies, but in the end I still succumbed, mainly to his Evil Ascendant and all his hiding.

    The main problem however, I think, is not with ...