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  1. Day Three Stamp

    Round One vs Amber

    Okay, change to the draw engine worked wonders. Unfortunately, Dimension Ripper taking one of my wipes made it a deal breaker for this game. A good fight, though! Both of us ran out of draw two turns before the end (and they started with 47 draw cards!)

    Handy thing to remember about Retreat! If your ally is stolen and played against you, Retreat! returns the ally to your hand. Always fun to steal back your peeps.

    Round Three vs Aber ...
  2. Day Two Stamp

    First Round vs Eladwen

    Okay, the problem is in the draw engine. After a wipe I'm left holding onto nothing. This deck requires board presence and bad, so the draw needs to come through no matter what.

    Second Round vs Eladwen Frostmire - 0-2
  3. Day One Stamp

    So the new deck is a Jericho, with the grounding philosophy as Denial.

    The first match proved that this deck can be a contender, despite the loss.

    First Round vs Zaladar

    The board was well under control by the middle game, but I had forgotten one critical fact about Elemental decks: they have a board wipe. That wipe destroyed my position, although in the final hands I was actually in a good position to fight back.

    I just ran out of time ...
  4. The Final Countdown

    First Round vs Darkstalker

    Best match I've had against a wulven yet. Managed to get him to 8 life. Armor of every sort was necessary to do this, including Spelleater Bands. Shadow Knight triad at the end made him slow down and play defense and waste precious weapon durability on dangerous targets that were not my Hero.

    A good match, but Wulvens are the bane of this deck.

    Twenty-First Round vs Darkstalker - 11-10
  5. (Fan Fiction) Nishaven Pt. 10 -- the final chapter.

    Gravebone channeled their combined powers into the summoning spell. Nishaven was a fool and not worthy to wield the Shadow Crystal he possessed. The choice for this simpleton as prophet to Teroth was further evidence to Gravebone that the Shadow is where true power lies. Who would pick such an untrained, na´ve human to carry out your designs? Foolishness, and the proof of it was about to manifest itself in mere moments.

    Gravebone held no remorse for what he was about to do to ...