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  1. Dancing Darkclaw - mixed allies and weapons deck. Very fast and deadly!

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    I repost my article which originally appeared as a reply in this thread:

    First of all, it's not my own deck idea, I've seen it watching a QM and I really liked it and wanted to try it myself. I'm impressed, how well this works. Credits go to the original author of the idea.


    I call it "Dancing Darkclaw", because Darkclaw equipped with Speedstrike and Jeweler's dream really seems to dance in a furious fast dance and together with
  2. finding your "tech"

    We can all pretty much agree that the base for most decks are the same. If you see a Gwen deck you can count on seeing 4 soul seeker if you are playing any mage you can bet there will be 4 fireballs I think you get my point. But have you ever wondered what sets 1 deck apart from another? The answer is simple its the "tech"

    What is "tech" you might ask. "Tech" is any cards that you choose to play in your build that may or may not be seen in a certain ...
  3. Share Your Favorite ( most used) Hero

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    Share your favorite most used hero guys!!
    I'm curious to see the numbers, when it comes down to deciding your hero.
    I'll conduct a survey and post the results after 100 or so entries.

    Link is here
  4. New DP Zaladar hardCore

  5. "The Shepherd"

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    Hi everyone, I am new here and would like to share my current Zaladar deck.
    I have played a deck like BlanketEffect's "ZTC 3.0 - The Feedbomb Dynamo" for some times,
    I found the power of the mechanic behind, but when I was facing some solo decks,
    like DC, Millstalker, Gwenneth...I dun have enough atk power to take them down...
    because most of the damage came from Zal blast and Mind Control, without
    the "Help" of opp's ally, only by DMT ping

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