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  1. Anasia's Avatar
    I hate this little thing. If I see it on the board this usually means Overwhelm or Energy Discharge is coming...Ugh
    Very nice write up
  2. Umbra7's Avatar
    Thanks vince. I actually really need to write up my next blog post...

    Anyways, I'm not sure what you meant by your question
  3. Vince19992's Avatar
    Nice write up, umbra!

    Could you share any deck theme on it with us?
  4. Umbra7's Avatar
    Hmm, sac lamb. Yeah I can see how that's useful, especially in regards to the problematic draw. And if your ally isn't killed turn three, you can kill him yourself, mitigating the T3 cotp dead drop. Thank you for the helpful feedback I'll have to put that in the updated version I'll do of this when LL releases.
  5. Keaven's Avatar
    This card has great synergy with Midnight Howl and Sacrificial Lamb (which also combos well with Dreadclaw Totem). Checkout my Bloodmoon Howl deck which was created specifically around Call of the Pack.