1. Card Ideas Week 6

    Hello all once again. Time for this week's card ideas! Thank you to all who came along last week and offered advice/feedbacks/suggestions and comments.

    This week, I decided to extend the theme of sub-class allies. Since I focused on Humans last week, and the week before I focused on Shadows, today I decided to look at "Neutral" Allies.

    Now we have Neutral Abilities, but we don't exactly have neutral allies yet. I started thinking what type of creature/person ...
  2. Card Ideas Week 5

    Thank you to all who visited last week and added suggestions! I’ve loving all the feedback and reading all your own card ideas also.

    So, as promised, here are the human allies with a sub class. Sort of to mirror the Blood Sister I introduced last week.

    Let me introduce: The Crystal Guards!

    Name: Crystal Knight (Sir Kinsey)
    Type: Crystal Guards
    Cost: 5
    Atk/Def: 3 / 5
    Effect: Crystal Knight can attack twice.
    Flavor: ...
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  3. Card Ideas Week 4

    Welcome to week 4 of new card ideas. Thank you again to all those who visited last week and gave some feedback.

    This week, I decided to focus on making up some sub-class group of allies. If you like more explanation on what I mean by “sub-class” please look in this tread. But basically it means having similar allies put together to form a group – so that we can have more interesting abilities and effects.

    Today I’ll show you some ideas for Shadow allies, and an example ...