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  1. kaboom132's Avatar
    I agree with the Plasma Behemoth part - for me, that and Fireball are my two favorite cards.
  2. Mudkipz223's Avatar
    Aww, why do you have to be so cruel? If it helps the AI become stronger though, go for it.
  3. Kyle's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your strategies, it will help me make the AI use the same strategies or counter yours! Muhahahahhahahhhhh!!!
  4. NahItsK's Avatar
    The mage is awesome. I might use this hero just so i can use the card "Portal".
  5. Paradox's Avatar
    Nope. As of this writing, I estimate 4 remaining hours in Kyle's statement of "the next 24 hours".

    I've also checked my spam e-mail boxes and similiar stuff.
    Updated 08-02-2010 at 01:14 PM by Paradox
  6. kaboom132's Avatar
    Has anyone actually gotten the game yet, though?
  7. Notthevictim's Avatar
    Woot! yeah Mage is cool. i really would like to play as some Shadow Heroes sometime though!
  8. kaboom132's Avatar
    I'm cool with the Mage. I mean, control (which I assume will be the mage's specialty) has never been my strong point, but I like control nevertheless.

    Hope to see (and battle) you all!
  9. Paradox's Avatar
    I'm cool with the Mage..

    I'd like to see the Shadow and Wulven Heroes, since there has not been a lot of coverage on them yet, but all in good time.

    I'm really curious about the quest and rpg / rank system.
    Updated 08-01-2010 at 09:25 PM by Paradox
  10. Kyle's Avatar
    Great, I promoted it to a featured article on the site!
  11. Mudkipz223's Avatar
  12. Slaysme's Avatar
    Very cool. Great interview.
  13. Paradox's Avatar
    Awesome! Great interview, and a clever idea for a blog entry!
  14. Mudkipz223's Avatar
    Thanks for the words of advice, I'll be sure to use them!
  15. Paradox's Avatar
    Oh, and a small suggestion. When you blog, add a few line breaks once in a while. That breaks up that SOLID WALL OF TEXT effect. It just adds to the readability.

    And smilies are great, but they're like red chili pepper.. a little goes a long way.
  16. Paradox's Avatar
    Pretty snazzy blog!

    It's kind of ironic, I had this exchange with this guy over at Touch Arcade. He didn't feel that it was helpful or worthwhile to post, or get into any of the Community Building activities (that blogging would fall into). I respect his opinion, but I disagree completely.

    Though I'm going to challenge the both of us. A blog is only as good as the person who maintains it. If we don't post to this things (if we get into the Beta), then they're no good to anybody.

    I look forward to reading what you think, and strategies you come up with when the Beta formally begins.

    Good luck getting picked as well!