1. Lack of Updates; Mage Strategies

    Well, like the title says, sorry I haven't been updating that much. I just haven't had a good time to do it until now, anyways, this post will be primarily about strategies with the mage that I liked to use, and feel free to post any of your strategies for them in the comments section below.

    For the regular Mage (Nishaven) I generally used Arcane Bursts and Supernova's as the sacrifices early in game because for me, they don't come in handy until the end of the game, such as using ...
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  2. Beta Has Started!

    Hello everyone, and today, you've probably noticed that the browser based version of the beta has begun. If you didn't know, then check your mail boxes (that includes spam box) for an email from Kyle giving details on the URL to use along with your username and password.
    For the moment the game is only offline play where you play against the AI. You use the Mage hero while the AI uses the Shadow Elf Mage Hero. I've played a couple rounds already, and I'm really enjoying it. The AI is somewhat ...
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  3. Beta Sign-ups Closed; Testing About to Begin!

    Hello again everyone! If you haven't been checking out the forums lately, then you probably do not know that the beta sign-ups are now closed and the actual testing is about to begin!
    In a thread today, Kyle posted this message:
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
    All current forum members should receive their beta account activation email within the next 24 hours!

    Still a bit rough around the edges, but daily updates will see it constantly improved thanks to your feedback.

    We will
  4. Interview With Kyle!

    Hello Everyone! Today I have an interesting entry for all to see; an interview with the one, the only, Kyle! Enjoy!

    Re: Blog question
    1. How did you come up with the idea for Shadow Era?

    I have always been interested in TGCs since the first edition of Magic: The Gathering. Although there was never anybody to play with in my small town, I still had a huge collection of cards and enjoyed looking at the card art and creating decks. Actually, I don't think I ever ...
  5. The Beta Race Is On!

    Hello to anyone looking at this blog post. If you haven't heard by now, the Shadow Era Beta is now CLOSED, which means only a certain amount of people will be picked to test it at first. More information on it can be found here:!. It's time for everyone to come out of hibernation after posting that they want to be selected for the beta and start doing something about it! Post in the threads, create your own thread, ...