1. Wulven are dumb

    Got a lot of time on your hands? It's hard to lose if you're playing this deck correctly, but it might take you a while to win.

    Core of the deck: (25)
    4x Lone Wolf
    4x What Big Teeth
    4x Captured Prey
    4x Speedstrike
    4x Rabid Bite
    4x Regeneration

    Stuff you can tweak: (5)
    1x Plasma Behemoth
    3x Fire Snake
    1x Rain Delay

    Notably absent:
    Bazaar, Bad Santa. You don't need them. ...

    Updated 03-02-2011 at 10:46 PM by Fry

  2. Tired of Mages? Ter Adun holds the answer!

    Here's a deck that I am doing very well with at >300 ranking.

    Ter Adun
    4x Infernal Gargoyle
    3x Plasma Behemoth
    2x Fire Snake
    4x Belladonna
    3x Valiant Defender
    4x War Banner
    1x Enrage
    4x Crippling Blow
    4x Blood Frenzy
    (30 cards total)

    Belladonna is almost always a resource. The second and subsequent copies of War Banner and Blood Frenzy ...

    Updated 02-25-2011 at 11:13 PM by Fry

  3. Interview with Kyle

    Last night, I talked with Kyle for a little while about Shadow Era. I figured some of this might be interesting to other fans, so I'm posting it here.

    Fry: So, let's start with easy stuff. You mentioned you are in Vietnam?
    Kyle: Yes, I am Canadian but have been living in Vietnam for 3 years now, after working for a few years in the US as well.

    Fry: What's your day job?
    Kyle: I am the head honcho at Wulven Game Studios ( We are expanding ...