DP Feedbomb Dynamo my arrangement

hero Zalader

3x Infernal Gargoyle
4x Death Mage Thaddeus
2x Furrion Terror

2x Conversion
4x Mind Control
3x Feedback
3x Eternal Renewal
2x Shirk of Vengeance
2x Shadow Font
4x Bad Santa
2x Lay Line Nexus
2x Interference
3x Temporal Disturbance

4x Bazaar
4x infinity core
4x Shadowvein


This deck power is still lower than normal Zalader. When play Bazaar is important. It is deference according opponent hero and deck. i don't have contain idea. So I'm studying about that. it is hard to beat many allys deck, I guess. Seeing opponent discard many key cards by Temporal Disturbance is joy.

やはり普通のデッキよりもデッキパワーが落ちる。重要なのはバザーを張るタイミング。これがヒーローやデッ キによって変わってくるのでまだ手探り中。Allyを多重展開してくるデッキのほうが苦手のように感じる。 相手がTemporal Disturbanceでキーカードをぽろぽろ落とす様を見るのは楽しい。

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