Fan Fiction - Shadow Era : Call Of The Crystals ( by Yahto)

Hello SE'ers ,

Since I love writing , I started a Fan Fiction novel about SE.

I hope you will enjoy reading it .

Shadow Era : Call Of The Crystals ( by Yahto)

Prologue – A letter ….

Dear Reader ,

If this letter reached you then my plan succeeded. My secret agent managed to get this letter through the shadow portal …
I have not much time to explain you all ,but know that this letter comes from another world.
I don’t know if this world is in another dimension , or if it is million miles away from earth somewhere in the galaxy .

I only write this letter to warn you … this letter is accompanied with a gem…which holds mystical powers.
Burry it as deep as you can! It will bring only disaster and sorrow to your world.
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of my warning….don’t go searching for the portal and surely don’t use the gem!

Let me tell you more about our world that is in danger …Oh no! I have to go…the invasion has begun!

Soon chapter 1

I wish you well ,


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