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    I had a busy day yesterday so I didn't have any time on the forums, that's why I just summarized all my feelings in a blog post! After reading Kyle's last post, I was debating whether to bring this issue up again or not. But I did so I can give my 2 cents. But I think now we can finally drop the issue now.

    Also, I am an avid gamer, so even though I haven't played TCGs in the past, I'm not new to strategy games and the like! I've played games like Pokemon and Starcraft, so I have an understanding about this type of game. I'm not a complete newbie!!!
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    "At the start of turn, Bad Wolf heals 1 damage from himself," is a correct sentence, but there's no need to pummel deceased horses on that point.

    "At the start of turn, Bad Wolf regenerates 1 health," is perfectly fine as well but has the added distinction of fitting the theme much better and therefor is a better wording.

    As for consistancy in wording, I agree that is something that that clearly needs to be looked at. After trying to breakdown how other cards work, I've found that many thing are ambiguously worded. Common game terms need to be defined and used universally for powers to be quickly read and understood.
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    I hope you know I was always sympathetic to you in this situation. I took Kirkwb to task, but when you said you found the text confusing I never questioned, doubted, or made fun of it. You were the reason that I conceded that Kyle was right, and we should leave no doubt.

    The revised edition clears up a bit, but also seems poorly worded. I now know that it occurs at the beginning of my turn, rather than every turn, which is really nice to know! But my only complaint is that now it seems a little more complicated. When I here "from", I usually assume it is taking something away, but that isn't what the card is doing at all.
    I only wished you would have spoken up. If not a long post, then just something like "I think the original card was confusing, but that doesn't sound right either." I felt like I had to fight that battle all by myself, and towards the end I was thinking I was both crazy and a jerk.


    You've convinced me that Bloodlust might be a bit much. As I've written in the main forum thread, I wouldn't want the art to go any further than that, because it does send the wrong message. Here's one of my concerns though. All of the art is a little sexy. It just is. From the female Dark Elf, Jasmine Rosecult, the Human Priestess..

    I regret if people feel offended. However I like the art and that's one aspect of what makes me like the game.

    What worries me is if the Developers are pressed to yank a card every time there is a complaint, there will be no end of the complaints. To borrow some words from Kaboom, if you show the art to a 1000 people, I guarantee you that someone will find "something" to be offended about. Where do we draw the line, other than to just purge all the art and make it a true family friendly game?

    I don't want to enable anybody from thinking they can bully the developers because the character on the card has some cleavage. We cheerfully let our teens go to the movies and see Saw I-VI (with body parts off hacked off with wild abandon), but we faint at the sight of a boob. And I'm not directing this at you personally, I'm speaking in general.

    That being said, Bloodlust is.. probably as far as this game would want to go. I'd even go so far as to say it should be adjusted a little. I'm just afraid of the precedent that creates.

    Just my .02 cents.
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    Welcome friend
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    Thank guys, happy to be here! And also can't wait for the beta!
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    Welcome to the club!
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    Yep, like Paradox said, welcome to the blog club! Looking forward to your future posts!
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    Welcome! Like Kyle I look forward to your observations.. Welcome to the blog club!
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    That's great, we need all kinds of players! I'll be very interested to hear from you how easy it was to learn the game, and if things are intuitive enough even if you haven't played other TCGs before...