1. Establishing Cost to Power ratios: Burn Spells

    Same basic principals as my blog on Vanilla Allies, but even simpler. Vanilla Burn deals damage to just one target, so you only need a ladder with cost to damage to one target info.

    Let's Start with Fireball as the standard:

    3 Cost: does 4 damage to target opponent.

    Very useful removal as this burn can be used both to remove threatening allies from the board early game and used to finish off the opposing hero late game. A bit powerful becuase of the double ...
  2. Establishing Cost to Power ratios: Allies

    I think the cost to power ratios for vanilla allies and vanilla burn spells needs to be established.

    Vanilla refers to cards that have no other powers, just a straight up ATK/Health for Allies or damage to one Target for burn.

    From here you can asses power levels of cards with abilities and you can even asses the powers level of other types of cards by comparing them to allies and burn at the same cost, but I'll write more on that later.

    Allies with no ...
  3. TCG Balance

    I have a concern about the balance and testing behind the cards and rules in the game. The programing of the interface and gameplay for Beta it is done very well and looks great. I know it's only Beta and a lot of the interface is temporary but even if this was the final interface with the minor bugs fixed I'd be very satisfied.

    What concerns me is the design behind the game rules and cards themselves. When designing cards and writing the card text, you need to be as clear as you ...
  4. Drafting

    One of the features I would like to see in Shadow Era went it's ready is Drafting.

    For Beta I completely understand the need to get the game engine down, and I'm excited to play constructed decks. But one of the coolest things about TCGs is the ability for a "limited" format and drafting.

    With TCGs there is a rarity system in place, so when you buy a pack there will be 1 hero, 10 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare or epic.

    After a while, when ...
  5. Engulfing Flames

    My first blog will be about Engulfing flames. I'd really like to valuate the card but without having played the game that is a little difficult out of context, so I'll break down what we do know about the card and the game so far.

    Cost: 4
    "Target is set on fire and loses 1 health per turn"

    From experience with other card games, the cost of 4 at first seems a little high. But breaking ...