1. From the Shadows "A Hopful Wishlist for first expansion"

    Hello Shadow Era Fans! It's been awhile since my last blog but I've put a great deal of time into this Wishlist for the 1st expansion and thought this could be a fun discussion. First off, if you listen to State of the era podcast like I do then you might have heard back a couple of episodes when Game Origins was happening and the design team gave a small sample of what the new 150 card expansion will be liked and he mentioned that there are "meta-shifting" cards that we will love. Of ...
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  2. "From the Shadows" A physical & mental checklist to bring to events!

    Hello to all Shadow Era Fans and Players!
    This past weekend marked the release of shadow era's physical cards I thought I would write a short blog and make a mental and physical checklist for players that might not have as much or any event experience as I do I wanted to make a checklist of something's you'll will want to bring and in some cases, required to bring.
    1. Cards - Depending on what kind of event your entering you will want to make sure you bring your cards with you. This ...
  3. Shadow Era SOS: Why We Need Muligans!

    I know in the past on the SE forums that "mulligans" have been a heated discussions with many players wanting some sort of a mulligan system and others do not, it's safe to say that it's a 50/50 split. In my opinion we need to have a set mulligan system that can be easy to understand, not add any down time to either a game or a match and that can be used in both online play, and in the physical game once it's released officially.
    My number 1 reason why we need a mulligan system ...
  4. Cyph3rX83's Deck Builder 101-"A must read for Newer Players!"

    Over the next couple weeks I'm going to write a guide to help our newer players to the community. I try to cover things from the basics to advance strategies. Even veteran players could learn from this as well and get ideas that they might not of thought about.
    Part 1:"Creating a Theme" What this means is before you pick out the first card in your deck you should decided first what the theme of your deck is going to be built around. Some players call this an engine, but this isn't ...
  5. What Are The Best Cards?

    With the update being out for almost 3 full weeks now I had a couple of cards on my mind and just couldn't stop thinking about them and decided to write about em and get em out of my system and I know my Boss would lime that so he doesn't have to hear me and my friends debating what cards are just plain awesome and have me get some work done finally LOL.
    The first card I just absolutely love is Priest of the light. Being an avid magic player I've been used to cards that give you life gain ...
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