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  1. How to: Become a Hero - Episode 02

    Second Episode of the fantasy story How to: Become a Hero
    Its a little longer than the first one, but in this one we start to know something about this world
    As in the first Episode I included reference to many things, cause i like to tribute what i enjoyed to see and what inspired me to write this
    Catch them all if you can
    Comment and feedback are appreciated

    How to: Become a Hero - Episode 02

    Episode 02 - How to: cast a spell

  2. How to: Become a Hero - Episode 01

    Very first blog entry for me, and i wanted to share something ive enjoyed writing in my spare time recently.
    There are a lot of error and im still a new to those things, so every feedback is appreciated.
    Hope you enjoy reading this.

    How to: Become a Hero

    Episode 01 - How to: make breakfast

    -Hey you! Yes you! Wake up!- A voice said
    -Come on, don't make me angry!-
    -Wake Up!!!- The voice shouted and slapped the girl
    -Ouch! Was that ...