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  1. What would your deck be?

    Title says it all.

    Assuming we're playing with 40-card decks, here's mine:

    Majiya (not counted)
    Fireball x4
    Plasma Behemoth x4
    Lightning Strike x4
    Here Be Monsters x4
    Blake Windrunner x4
    Sandra Trueblade x4
    Jasmine Rosecut x2
    Bad Wolf x4
    Keldor x2
    Portal x2
    Engulfing Flames x2
  2. Until PvP comes out...

    I have an idea! One person would PM another person requesting a match. If the other person accepts, this is how the match would work. Each card would be given a value between 1 and 60. Using the site, you would generate 7 random numbers between 1 and 60. With these values, you would find the cards with the same numbers and put them into your hand. Each turn, you would do the same thing to draw a card, and then list your plays in text. Put each card's health and attack and skills with ...
  3. Let the beta begin!

    Hooray! The beta usernames and passwords have been sent out! I've played one match so far, and it is really fun! I mean, at this point, you can only play a CPU and I don't know if you can get new cards, but it's still awesome. Anxiously waiting for pvp!
  4. Flavor text competition?

    I don't know if it's just me, but something seems to be lacking in the flavor texts on all the cards. Personally, I think that people could respond to the COTD thread with really cool flavor ideas, and then Kyle could pick the best one to actually go on the card in the game. Comment with your thoughts!
  5. Good luck to the potential beta testers!

    Following in the footsteps of the other 2 blog posters, I'll make an introductory blog post.

    First off, a HUGE congratulations to Wulven Game Studios for making it this far in the development of a game that looks to be very, very good and has a lot of potential to do well on the various App Stores of mobile devices and computer. (heh, shameless flattery of Wulven Game Studios, but I mean it...this game looks AWESOME!)

    I really hope to be picked for the closed beta and ...