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  1. Bluejet24's Avatar
    hey, there is a beginners tournament going on soon... 500 shadow crystals for 1st place. If you are interested, check out Maybe you'll have better luck there.....
  2. AnAdolt's Avatar
    Yeah, sometimes you seemingly get horrible draws in comparison to your opponent's and it sure can get vexing. In these times, I sometimes think if maybe some of my win streaks may just have been the same circumstance happening in reverse.

    But it's nice to see more players familiar with how a game of luck works and not start blaming cards and the game works simply due to a few bad games. Yeah, it's not perfect, but some accusations are rather farfetched so I'm glad you're one of the more rational people in the game.

    Regarding your rating, your earlier games can wildly fluctuate your rating; however, as you play more, it will more accurately reflect your skill and your rating will likely be higher than 100.