Shallow Era

As I build and tune deck strategies I blog them to document their effectiveness and both receive and give feedback to other players.

I also have a Youtube channel, Shallow Era, with a large range of Shadow Era content including demonstrations of my builds.

  1. Inferno Stalker [1.29]

    Current Version (40):
    1 x Moonstalker

    4 x Plasma Behemoth
    4 x Shadow Knight
    (8 Allies)

    4 x Captured Prey
    3 x Now You're Mine
    4 x Regeneration
    4 x Full Moon
    2 x Rabid Bite
    4 x Lone Wolf
    4 x Shriek of Vengeance
    4 x Shadow Font
    (29 Abilities)

    2 x Bazaar
    (2 Items)

    After getting my Training Camp (Logan) deck crushed by a similar deck I started using this one. ...

    Updated 01-30-2012 at 06:19 AM by Keaven