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    For what it's worth:

    "They will be their to assist in the early game, as well as in the late game to put away opponents with hammering final blows."

    their = there
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    Second Wave: - (Upcoming additions to the Class in the Expansion)

    As a continuation of the escalating war, in the upcoming expansion, these heroes reach into their forgeries for stronger, more commanding weapons, more allies join the cause, and new abilities. This amounts to 10 new class cards to assist in the fight, as well as new armors and weapons.

    Out of these 10 new class cards, a good number of them are class-exclusive allies that come to the direct aid of these 4 warrior heroes. These allies will be usable by all four heroes, regardless of their faction, and each lends their sword in their own way. This means that decks can use these allies as main focal points, and advantages to be leveraged over opposing classes. They will be their to assist in the early game, as well as in the late game to put away opponents with hammering final blows. New friends have been made, and they are indeed the kind that command attention when entering the field.

    Outside of exclusive class allies, more class abilities have been added as well. These abilities both help to strengthen the Warrior class in areas where it faltered, and shore up areas where it shined. As Logan Stonebreaker and Amber Rain are heroes who love to get their hands dirty, several new abilities will help them do just that, and make them enjoy the process all the more. Knowing that both Ter Adun and Boris Skullcrusher are more strategically minded, cards have been added that help rally their armies in the early game and the late.

    Lastly, as mentioned before, commanding new weapons and armors are being unleashed. These weapons are not to be trifled with, and let their impact be known immediately. While not always known as weapon experts, both Boris and Ter Adun are swinging for the fences with these new toys, just as Logan and Amber will surely be. The new armors are no different. With these game-changers, crushing their foes has never been so simple, or easy. Donning these new armors, all four heroes have never looked so formidable, or fearsome!

    Until next time, this is soothslyr signing out. Stay tuned for our next post in the series, where we will tempt the hunters out of the forest and find out what makes them tick.
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    On Barcafan's way to qualifying 1st seed for the 2012 World Championship he used his version of Berserker Boris to help defeat the previously undefeated Jacqui, wining 1-1 and 3-1 for the round. This was the round winning match.

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    My first card suggestion blog. I will likely update the image using a decent program at some stage. Only have access to MS Paint at the moment.
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    Updated OP with Demonstration play list and videos.
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    Added videos to OP.
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    Updated OP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mercurio1975
    Hello Keaven,

    Just want to say thank for your time and for sharing your decks with us. It is helping me a lot to improve my gameplay.

    You're welcome.
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    Hello Keaven,

    Just want to say thank for your time and for sharing your decks with us. It is helping me a lot to improve my gameplay.

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    Statistically speaking,

    52 cards deck with 4 of kind start out with 40.38%, and 40 cards deck with 3 of kind start out with 40.30%. So basically no difference. But by having you reduce down towards 40 cards deck, the potential key card that you keep 4 of kind i.e. Negatia will have 50.25% at first turn.

    If your deck is not suffering from Deck out, perhaps considering reducing deck card down may be an option to improve your chance of drawing Negatia by 10%.
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    Deck updated.

    -3 Molten Destroyer

    +1 Keldor
    +2 Ogloth the Glutton
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vitality
    What would you say your win rate is with this deck? It looks really fun. Going to try it out later.
    Win rate levels out at around the 250 rank.
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    What would you say your win rate is with this deck? It looks really fun. Going to try it out later.
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    Going first or second can heavily influence your resourcing so I will just post a brief strategy about each card. The deck is about resource destruction so almost never resource Here Be Monsters or Cobraskin Wraps. Without fatties, rapid damage, or healing in the deck you will probably get overwhelmed come T6 anyway if you think you need to resource these early.

    Allies are the most resourced cards. Believe it or not you can actually win through ability damage alone, however slowly, depending on your draw and match up if you have to.

    Shriek of Vengeance is a great combo card with Here Be Monsters and must be kept Vs Heroes with typical draw engines such as Priests, Mage, Rogues, and the Bazaar lovers Wulven and Elementals. The first one or two can typically be resourced Vs Warriors.

    Evil Ascendant is most crucial to survive. When able tank weenie damage and save your SE for the really painful fatties (along with Poison Arrow). If they get uncontested draw early only use SE when hitting two allies if possible. If you are able to starve them enough you can resource more Poison Arrows and Evil Ascendants (if you are keeping a spare Vs a hero with common item destruction such as Rogues)

    Shadow Font is another card that can be resourced if you are able to ping weenies and conserve SE

    Sever Ties is most essential for removing Blood Frenzy. Without it BF can mean auto-lose.

    Spelleater Bands can be necessary to finish off a mage, or Shadow hero relying on Death Mage Thaddeus or Plasma Behemoths (typically Moonstalker).
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    There are many teched variations of this build that can be effective as the foundation of the deck is just over half of the card minimum.

    The build alternations are based around the support cards and armours depending on what you are either expecting, or ranking (ie trying to cater for anything).

    The unchangeable cards that the deck is based on are:

    1 x Boris Skullcrusher
    4 x Lily
    4 x Blood Frenzy
    4 x Rampage
    1 x Enrage (minimum)
    3 x Smashing Blow (minimum or LLN)
    4 x Retreat
    4 x Berserker's Edge
    3 x 5cc+ armour (minimum and can be varied)
    4 x Reserve Weapon
    (28 cards)

    The remaining 12 are the optional support cards which I find it is particularly important to include some ally hurting abilities (at least 2) either Shield Bash, or Special Delivery. Crippling Blow helps particularly Vs Shadow Knight.

    When including fatties I find in general that Aeon performs better than Sandworms for a more balanced deck Vs random Heroes, although the most I would include is 4/5. Perhaps 2 x Aeon, 2 x Raven, 1 x Sandworm for an even spread.

    My favourite armour spread is Violet Thunderstorm, Nova Infusion, and Mocking Armour although in an Aeon absent deck I sometimes substitute a second (or even third) copy of Mocking Armor. The T10 Lily reviving then re-deploying Mocking Armor is very strong.

    One aspect I have not dabbled in much is the inclusion of weenies because this would seem more of a viable strategy with Amber than Boris.
    Updated 06-23-2012 at 02:46 AM by Keaven
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    Shrunk deck.
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    More depth and strategy posted here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahmet476
    This looks like a very good deck Keaven.
    Thanks Ahmet. It's been my strongest so far.
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    This looks like a very good deck Keaven.
    Updated 03-19-2012 at 07:47 PM by ahmet476
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    Quote Originally Posted by Methesda
    Hi Keaven,

    I'm only seeing 36 cards. What's missing?
    Only the most important card in the whole deck. Reserve Weapon. I've updated it to the current version I'm running also.
    Updated 03-14-2012 at 12:22 AM by Keaven
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