Shallow Era

As I build and tune deck strategies I blog them to document their effectiveness and both receive and give feedback to other players.

I also have a Youtube channel, Shallow Era, with a large range of Shadow Era content including demonstrations of my builds.

  1. Goddess of Negatia [1.503]

    Although an inconstant and difficult deck built for fun, it can win some solid matches. I may tune it depending on whether or not I continue to enjoy it, but the cards are below and you can review replays here while stocks last.

    Current Deck

    1 x Serena Thoughtripper

    4 x Lily Rosecult
    2 x Puwen Bloodhelm
    3 x Birgitte Skullborn
    3 x Blake Windrunner
    3 x Aldon the Brave
    (15 allies)

    3 x Stop Thief!
    2 x Lay Low ...

    Updated 05-25-2012 at 08:20 AM by Keaven

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