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  1. [Warrior Weapon] Woodcutter's Axe

    Name: Woodcutter's Axe
    Type: Weapon
    Class: Warrior
    Cost: 4
    Attack/Health(Durability): 1/4
    Effect: Gains 1 Durability when your Hero gains SE.
    Flavor Text: "... Timberrrrrrrr"

    A weapon that will benefit warriors other than Amber, and mostly Logan.
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  2. [Priest Ability] Fountain of Youth

    Name: Fountain of Youth
    Type: Resource Ability
    Class: Human Priest
    Cost: 2SE
    Attack/Health(Durability): Not Applicable
    Effect: Summoned from resource pile only. Heal friendly allies and Heroes 2 HP. Remove card from play.
    Flavor Text: "Hidden and held sanctuary by the holy order since the dawn of our era"

    I introduce a new ability type: ...
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