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    That is my intention, I will break down the heroes later in a separate blog entry.
  2. bicin's Avatar

    is that how you sound ejaculating?

    anyways, interesting article..

    this will result in a more objective reference since everyone will pretty much agree with you when you say a certain hero is either UU, OU or NU.

    so does this mean we can cut the debates about who is in which tier?

    i say yes!!
  3. GS's Avatar
    Think about it pete.

    They're related.
  4. Padawan Pete's Avatar
    U mad bro? Your rambling makes no sense. One minute you complaining about people wanting to go out have a good time and have free sex, the next you complaining that they are alone hermits, just staying together and being un homme une sensuelle. Jesus, get overyourself already :P
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    Sometimes.. we have to accept God, or whatever diety you choose to believe in just has other plans for you. They're not required to make you happy. Only you can make yourself happy, with your own actions and a little bit of luck.

    This is a very well written entry. Fairy tales...are fairy tales. Though reality is not as rosy as it may be, we have to accept the setbacks and move on in life.

    "When life gives you lemon.... make lemonade".

    A surprisingly refreshing side of GS.
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    Interesting topic and interesting post.
    My buddy is the king of trolling. But not online on forums, irl! lol
  7. He-Man's Avatar
    I am all for humorous trolling. Not the other stuff; just because you appear to be anonymous, does not mean you are not damaging other people.
    And edit: I was not implying anything about you, GS693, just thought it funny this showed up in the news today, after our discussion on IRC.
  8. GS's Avatar
    Good point. That's why I'm encouraging humorous trolling, not rude trolling he-man.
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