1. Beat & Burn : My WIP Nishaven Deck

    Hey all, so I'm pretty new to Shadow Era still, but have started aquiring some more cards, and thus am able to start putting a decent deck together.

    The current build is:

    1x Nishaven
    1x Dirk Saber
    3x Puwen Bloodheim
    3x Blake Windrunner
    1x Raven Wildheart
    2x Aldon 
    2x Aeon
    4x Fireball
    2x Freeze
    2x Poison Gas
    2x Lightning Strike
    2x Engulfing Flame
  2. First Day of Shadow Era!

    Hi all, just started playing Shadow Era for the first time today. Really fun game, and I love having it on my laptop, iPad and iPhone

    I'm running a Nishaven deck, and have had fairly good success minus getting my butt kicked twice against Majiya.

    I think I'm going to try and win some more battles against the others, save up some gold, and get some better cards before taking her on again.