1. Card of the day - Bloodlust

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    Bloodlust marks the first card where the art is potentially controversial. I don't see it myself. I prefer Shadow Era to be a game targetd towards young adults ages 16 on upwards, and let the younger people seek their gaming thrills elsewhere.

    Or maybe I'm just a creep. Heh.

    I suppose I'm drawing attention to this now, rather than being passively quiet it about it.

    What do you ...
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  2. News Scoop! August 1st we start- deadline on applications approaching

    Hey folks,

    Check out this post over at Touch Arcade!


    Kyle discloses the start date! We also see the scope of the closed beta (fairly large, so no one currently applied need be worried).

    August 1st is not far off!
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  3. Introduction and the First Details of the Beta Announced!

    Hi there!

    My name is Jim, and this is my member-blog here at the Shadow Era homesite. It's here that I hope to provide some insight into the Shadow Era TCG, produced by Wulven Game Studios.

    Heh. That is, IF I am selected to participate in the Closed Beta. Consider this starting post my shameless plug to Kyle to be considered in the first wave of beta-testers.

    But note, this won't be a substitute for how I report bugs and gameplay issues. That will be ...

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    Player Blog , Beta-Test
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