1. Played my first game!

    A lot of fun!

    I have to get ready and leave for work, but I was impressed!

    I'm a little unclear on how to activate the Mage Hero's special ability. I seemed to have enough resources, but I couldn't get it to attack or target. On the other hand I might not have understood what the ability was supposed to do. On the other hand: I had no time to thoughtfully study it either. It could be "Operator Error", lol. So I have held off reporting it as a bug until ...
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  2. E-mail received!

    Short and sweet, my Beta Authorization came through minutes prior to this writing.

    Details later!
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  3. Regeneration Prevails!

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    The issue whether it is confusing as to who is actually being healed. Respectfully, I didn't think the original card left any ambiguity. However, I can accept that someone will be thrown off by it. I'm almost tempted to suggest that the appropriate verb should be regenerate, instead of healing. That is, that 'regenerate' be the term for self-healing; whereas 'healing' refers to another creature (hero or ally) in the game.

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    Sooooo..... "Bad Wolf regenerates 1 health at
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