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    Ouch, I saw that you were late. I would send an email to Kyle. You are really active and even wrote a couple blogs, it wouldn't be fair that you wouldn't get in while 300+ people with 1 post do!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahasuke
    So Im guessing if your in the Beta you would know it already?
    Notthevictim has the right of it, Mahasuke. If you signed up prior to Wednesday 12 pm EST, you're in.
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    If you signed up before the end Wednesday, you're automatically in!!

    Also, I assumed the beta was on iPhones!! Ahh, web is cool too. Hopefully we'll get it on our iPods and iPhones soon enough. I'm leaving to go camping on Wednesday until Friday so I won't be able to play on those dates. But still, I cannot wait!!
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    So Im guessing if your in the Beta you would know it already?
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    A worthwhile point Notthevictim. I guess I'd rather see this card modified a little rather than have Apple make an issue of it.

    Oh, and I'm sorry if the age comment came across poorly. I need to be careful about generalizing. Gaming has always had young people that are bright, interested and mature.. and they shouldn't be dismissed simply by virtue of their age.

    Back to the card: I'm just saying let's wait and see if this is actually a big deal before becoming too reactive. That's a downward slide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaboom132
    This is why I like to make it so that you are clearly the controller. For instance, "You may heal Bad Wolf for 1 damage" makes sense, doesn't it?
    Actually it does, Kaboom. It makes perfect sense. Sorry if I didn't pick up on that last night. I was so frustrated that I didn't parse that out. Good idea.

    To others: Here is "the morning after". LOL.

    Last night's post was as much about my reaction to the some of the posts as it was about the actual subject material. As always in hindsight I'd probably have been better served sleeping on it and replying this morning.

    That's not an apology however.

    If you want to debate, then debate the merits of your point. Then look for a compromise. I promise I will too.

    If you start name-dropping, flashing links to other messageboards; I am going to tune you out and your message is going to be lost. Which is a shame, because it might have been worthwhile.

    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if any of us are on Richard Garfield's bowling team, or dropped by his place for cocktails. Stick to the merits of your argument.

    When another poster writes what he thinks about the topic without attacking you personally; and you come back with "you must be able to read Kyle's mind all the way in Korea", all that does is make me angry. Even if that wasn't directed at me. I don't actually hear anything else you have to say. (And it might be that he's not a mind-reader, maybe the text is just self-explanatory)

    Now, barring any further comments that may come, I'm going to put this past me. I've said my peace.
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    This is why I like to make it so that you are clearly the controller. For instance, "You may heal Bad Wolf for 1 damage" makes sense, doesn't it?
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    Great idea Paradox!

    Nice to see you took initiative to do this! Consider me a regular reader! :-)
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    I'm 14, so this may not be targeted for my age because most people my age wouldn't be interested! I am very interested though. As for the card, yeah it is controversial, but so is the Succubus! What I hope is that cards like this don't give it a 17+ rating
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    Yeah. I guess. I'm inclined to see how many complaints there are before taking any action. Just me.
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    Eh, it would probably be a bit better if the bottom half was a bit better covered, but I'm fine either way.
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    True! But sometimes I think the not knowing is just as painful and frustrating.

    Case in point: I was a little interested in Web and Cross Platform game being put out by Ubisoft set in the Might and Magic universe. (It's not a TCG)

    It was released initially in the UK, Germany and France, with plans to release it to North America and the rest of the world. I have no problem that the US was not first, but since then Ubi has been terrible about communicating anything to the fan base. For example, they'll ignore or spin fan questions, but then give magazine interviews they leak that same information that they won't tell the very people who are coming to their forums every day.

    I have no good idea when the game will be playable and since I've been trying to find out since late May, I've ceased to care. That is what not knowing can do to a fan and potential consumer.

    I actually applaud Kyle for raising the anticipation, but knowing when to release some of the pressure of not knowing.

    Thanks for your comment!
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    Aug 1st ehh? so close yet so far away!! the waiting is torture!!...
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    Do it Mudkip!

    It doesn't have to be a rival blog at all, there's room enough for everybody. I look forward to reading and commenting on it. These are really great community building tools.

    THAT GOES FOR EVERYBODY ELSE! If you're serious about the game, don't get the idea that I've marked this as my exclusive idea alone. Create your own blog and talk about your experiences as well!
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    Yeah, I think it'd be cool to help shape this game into one of those thousand card, perfected gameplay tcg's. I may just need to post my own rival blog, to give yours some competition
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    I don't think I will. Hopefully I'll be able to share images from the Beta, and be able to get ideas for things to test from people who (sadly) didn't make it in the Beta..

    And be able to develop some strategies!

    I think one of the most exciting things about Shadow Era is that it's just starting. There are not thousands of cards and years of perfected play-style that I think sometimes isolates and intimidates new players.

    Granted, one day this game will not be new..

    But in the meantime I think this will be a great game for people new to the hobby to get involved with. I know I'm looking forward to it.
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    Sounds like a cool idea, hopefully you don't get too much hate-mail
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    That's a fantastic idea, exactly what we want to see from the community