1. Advanced Strategies [Parts: 2 & 3]

    Part 2: In-Game Resourcing

    Early Game Decision Making:
    This is the make-or-break part of the game, and where most players make their largest mistakes. Do not discount the added effect of luck here, and how massively your deck designing will come into play.

    Knowing What To Resource:
    This comes from a few things:

    1 - What hero are you matched up against?
    Knowing your matchups and how you play them, is what separates the pro players ...
  2. Advanced Strategies [Part: 1]

    As most of you know, I posted a thread and blog a while back detailing deck archetypes of TCG's. It had detailed explanations of what each one was, and how they're used. I got some very good feedback, but also a few comments about it being geared mostly towards players with little to no experience with card games. I took that to heart, and figured I'd post something for the intermediate to advanced players. New players are encouraged to read as well, and ask questions as you go.

  3. Ways to Play

    Ways to Play:

    Shadow Era is a card game. Card games have evolved to have a certain pool of strategies and styles of play available to them. Most try and innovate in one way or another, but eventually they all settle on the same basic pool of ways to craft your decks, and play.

    Rush Decks:
    Decks that try and rush you early with cards that are cheap to cast, and alone are not powerful, but through spamming them early, you can either win outright ...

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