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    Quote Originally Posted by rumsey
    Leaving in everything is the only way to play it. But fireballs? You run this with zaladar right?
    Seriously, if I started picking apart the card choices........
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    Leaving in everything is the only way to play it. But fireballs? You run this with zaladar right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reshiram99
    I wonder how you take out cards from this thing?!
    Take out nothing!!! Include everything!!!!
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    I wonder how you take out cards from this thing?!
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    Quality... It is a strangely powerful deck. I like the way it forces you to use cards you normally wouldn't, and you regularly switch between stall/mill to burn to ally rush depending on what cards come out, sometimes even in the same game. Had a game (possibly vs ai) where I'd set up to burn and stall (rain delay, fireballs in hand), hit a bad santa, got two gargoyles and a plasma, and suddenly went all out. If the AI had a thought, it would have been What The F**k!
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    3-0 now, the deck just can't be beat. The guy hacked a win when he was at 1hp but I had about a zillion allies and HP on the board so I didn't take it too bad and count it as a win. In fact I'm encoding a video of the match now as a tribute to the power of The Rolling Pin and will be posting it in the forums when its uploaded.
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    Just an FYI this blog had me laughing so hard since you started it that I am now rocking The Rolling Pin on my alt account. I added 4 AoAs bringing the grand card total to 117. So far I am 1-0. I had no challenges on this account before the this so my ranking will reflect ONLY The Rolling Pin. After first game I'm ranked 110! I'll leave comments on your blog letting you know how it goes, sorry to see you're quitting for awhile. Personally I picked up the rolling pin on my alt specifically BECAUSE of all the hacks, sounded like a fun way to pass time.
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    meh. Sounds like an interesting deck so far. I'd love to Vs your rolling pin deck one day... just to see how things go.
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    Just count it as a win, as the stupid NOOB obviously hacked to win in the face of defeat. Must be pretty embarrassing to get killed by a 113 card deck, though...
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    @roar yes. 113 cards.

    @Resh lots. I think the cheapest is to buy 4 Elemental decks, sell the excess cards, and buy the rest. We know elements currently give you the most $ for your crystals. I actually got 4 hunter decks (2 shadow, 2 human), 4 elemental decks, 4 wulven decks and sold all the excess. I think that gave me enough for it all. You'd have to work it out, I've got an excel sheet with all cards and prices on, (OCD), but you can figure the total cost using the market page that a forum member (Orca?) set up, it's a very good site.
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    How much gold did it take to build this deck?
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    Hmmm... okay I am impressed.
    So is it 4 of everything possible in a Zaladar deck expect weapons and armor. right? So that means 28 x 4 + Zaladar = 113 cards?
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    Hmmm... okay... 3 / 0 to you I guess. Although 2 of those wins were quits. haha. I like the way you present the battle. Very easy to follow. I guess time will tell how your deck holds up.
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    .... why did he have to quit?